Inspirational: short, stimulate your ambition!
First, while you still have time, try your best, try to make the thing you want to do most, to be the kind of person you want to be, to live a life that you want the most, the world is always more exciting than you'd think, not to live.
Two, when you succeed, what you say is right. Because we saw you on the stage scenery, head halo! When not successful, what is wrong, because people believe that seeing is believing! So, you just do it, don't waste your time on explanation.
Three, everyone will have a difficult time, life distress, job frustration, academic pressure, love is in a constant state of anxiety. To survive, life will click into place; don't come out, time will teach you how to shake hands with them, so you don't have to fear. - Funan

Four, the world has never once and for all the efforts, as there is no tendency of success, to live their lives well, in addition to working hard, no shortcut. Come on.
Five, luck is to accessories, without the original accumulation of strength, give you luck you can not catch. God gives everyone the same, but each person's preparation is not the same. Do not envy those who always hit the jackpot, you must try hard to meet good luck.
Six, you always want to dream, go all out again. What do you care tattle and prate. To win, to win the beautiful.
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Seven, all success, are struggling to adhere to the accumulation of all; the scenery, are behind the silly not to give up. As long as you like, and to adhere to, one day, you will live into their own love!
Eight, did not start too late, than from the action today. One day, the little visible future, will be in your heart, in your feet slowly clear. Life, never bless every one to the people.
Nine, life is very tired, you are not tired now, will be more tired. Life is hard, you are not bitter, will be more bitter. Only too tired, too busy. Only bitter too, know the sweet.

Ten, any time you can start doing what you want to do, as long as you don't age and other things to yourself, everyone has a piece of sea, do not sail, no one to help you sail, can better meet their own efforts!
Eleven, ability is not worthy of ambition, is the root of all the trouble. The world is fair, you want to get, you have to learn to give and adhere to. Everyone is through their own efforts, to decide the way to live.
Twelve, to the meaning: don't need you when the parents, in addition to tears, nothing at all.When the children don't need you, but ashamed of nothing. When you don't look back, but wasted nothing!

Thirteen, the most urgent to go, is the most beautiful scenery; the deepest hurt, are always the most true feelings. Pack up the mood, continue to go forward, you will find: miss the flowers, you will harvest the rain, miss the rain, you will meet the rainbow.
Fourteen, some people buy Land Rover at the age of 28, there are 28 year olds playing games.On the road to success is the biggest obstacle to your own ignorance and lazy.
Fifteen, have you thought about ordinary life, you will encounter a common frustration. You want the best life, they will encounter the most hurt. This world is fair, you want the best, they will give you the most pain.
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Sixteen, you have to believe that this world luck is conserved, you are now suffering will eventually become your sweet love, you are still in the right when a holiday, a good rest, until the Every dog has his day life has just begun.
Seventeen, their own efforts for success, and then success will be like a big hand, hit those who look down on your face, to sound more loudly, more thrilling!
Eighteen, life is not white path, every step counts. May you be the tender world, eventually you may love your life in your own way.

19, do you want to make their own good, then the pride of life, life is long, why panic, after you, for their efforts and lucky, don't choose the best age to ease.
20, the dream is not hard, hard is fantasy, fear most is their own mediocrity, consoled myself is ordinary precious, only oneself is more and more outstanding, what will all follow up, your efforts, is this life most of the time.
Twenty-one, one can put every day good, tomorrow, will not be too far away. Because the real generosity towards the future, is the most remarkable effort to now, cherish everything.

Twenty-two, as to what will happen in the future, try to go to know, remember, don't give up easily, their destiny in their own hands, fail have no fear, as long as do die, went to the dead, but the road is still long, day is always bright.
Twenty-three, make money not hypocritical, don't nosese when spending money, life is really not because you cry for your gentle, but you can strive to live amorous feelings.
24, every strong man, all teeth have a no help, no support, no one day greetings. In the past, this is your adult ceremony, not to beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit.

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