Artificial intelligence is more important to the future development?
Since 2015, the State Council to the level of provinces and autonomous regions issued a series of policy guidance, including the "13th Five-Year" plan, "" Internet plus "three years of artificial intelligence action plan" and "a new generation of artificial intelligence development plan" etc..

I can see the importance of artificial intelligence in this series of policies, the artificial intelligence is important for the future development?

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Artificial intelligence to promote China's economic development

Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years, have a different role for various industries, promote the rapid development of China's economy.

In the transportation industry, artificial intelligence has spawned an automatic driving technology. This technology makes travel more economic, more efficient and safer road traffic.At present, many traffic jams are caused by traffic driving habits and the inefficient people's bad. Unmanned workshop to achieve a better communication and driving rules, will reduce congestion, improve travel efficiency.

In the legal profession, artificial intelligence has spawned the criminal justice system. At present, some technology companies are already using the technology of artificial intelligence will realize the automation of legal work, and even some courts have begun to use artificial intelligence judgment and determine the criminals eligible for parole.

In various industries involved in customer service in this position, artificial intelligence has spawned virtual customer service. Virtual customer service is customer service manual robot we see the usual, an automatic reply according to the key words we ask questions, effectively save manpower cost.

In the payments industry, artificial intelligence has spawned intelligent face recognition payment. The change of cash payment card, POS machine, mobile phone payment scan code to pay "is the human pursuit of convenience results. Next, brush face payment before the traditional mode of this new model will replace the.

Some companies have made the technology of face recognition intelligent payment application, like Shenzhen city face brush Technology Co. Ltd. has successfully developed the world's leading face recognition system and applied the technology to the financial industry.

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Artificial intelligence reform of the financial industry

The real economy is the foundation of financial services, the real economy is the foundation of finance.

Face brush technology artificial intelligence technology into the real economy, build face recognition OMO intelligent payment based on sense of values. OMO business model (Online-Merge-Offline) is an industry platform business model, effectively share business, polymerization of mobile e-commerce, offline business through online, to create online mobile - line three-in-one full time marketing system. The face brush technology will be through the marketing system, the use of "pay + convenience" and "payment + marketing" two engine strategy, enhance the user consumer experience, improve marketing efficiency, through products, services and artificial intelligence, big data analysis, with technology driven economy reform, let the real economy more technology, let life wisdom.

At present, artificial intelligence is with people's life and accelerate the integration of digital, network and intelligence has become an important direction of the development of the world. The future, face brush technology will be deep in the field of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence to explore cutting-edge technology at the same time, committed to the technology used more widely in the scene, determined to grow into the next generation to lead the new navigation industry upgrade.

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