Rambo king |LB-936 (MA/B) hydraulic machine before help | on glue machine.
"Blue King" brand series of products for the Dongguan air show precision machinery limited company of science and technology R & D and manufacturing equipment. The company is located in the world manufacturing city Houjie town of Dongguan City, specializing in the production of shoe-making equipment in recent twenty years. We have experts and engineers, machinery industry technical personnel, engineering team, and use them as the technology support, training and competitive in many advanced shoe-making equipment enterprises in the environment of Bailian, overcoming many international core technical difficulties, we have created a good quality and high performance of shoemaking equipment.

Rambo king |LB-936 (MA/B) hydraulic machine before help | on glue machine.

Product description


Rapid replacement of 1. claw, claw plate before and after rapid adjustment.

2. stroke rapid adjustment.
Quick change 3. tensioner.
4. speed, fast pressure adjustment.
5. quick change knife.
6. a quick adjustment.
Rapid replacement of 7. claws.
8. claw disc before and after rapid adjustment.

technical parameter

The promise of 3+2

The products are our partners, with our common and careful cultivation, its quality directly transfer our reliable character. No matter at any time, any place, will be our meticulous care and help! "Reliable" is our commitment, your choice is guaranteed!

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