Automatic memory universal press machine

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T-75 automatic memory universal press machine

Machine operation video

The 3 characteristic value:

1, 100 thousand years

Don't press die (for flat, edge, edge bottom welt), monthly 6 shoes, each of the 6 codes, each pair of sole mold 260 yuan per year for 12 months, so each year can save 6x6x260x12=11.232 million

2, reduce the production cost, saving space

Reduce the operator labor

3, three in one machine

Replace three drive press machine - air pressing machine, pressing machine, universal strong pressing machine

This machine details *

The machine parameters

Average daily output

2000 double

Motor power


Maximum working pressure


low pressure

In the pressing stroke (in order to avoid labor accident)

high pressure

The real pressure operation

Pressure adjustable time

From "0" to "60 seconds"

air pressure

20 l 6bar pressure

Net weight


Gross weight

The factory provides

The size of the machine


The size of packaging machines


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