Are you still worrying about the knot problem?

"Blue wave king" brand series products for Dongguan air exhibition Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured footwear equipment. In order to improve the international competitiveness, our company has cooperated with the Italian company RECES (Rex), TENO2 (takono) and PLASTAK (Plath Tak) to form a strategic cooperation model with international competitiveness by "Italy brand and technology + manufacturing + global sales and service". We are committed to first-class technology to provide customers with first-class products.

RC-959 (MA) automatic memory intelligent oil pressure front help machine

Outstanding function

Protruding tips of sharp tip shoes

The tip of the foot is smooth / sharp

Shoe upper and last without shifting shoe last

Uniform force and effective prevention of stress and deformation after shoe last

Automatic computer memory automatic conversion of left and right feet

A quick adjustment of the size of the shoe head and the fast adjustment of the size of the shoe head two

Effect map display

Selectable configuration

Seven claws and nine claws

Automatic gluing device

Lumbar node help function

Stable last structure

Specification parameter

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