More than ten shimen shoes enterprises net sales rose nearly 20%

27 morning, in the lamb electricity gathered park, electricity from many women's shoes companies team is to discuss the product operating details. A staff told reporters that compared with the past, in the field of electrical business, enterprise production, sales and operations are more standardized, orderly, and also increase profits.

It is reported that in recent years, the "electric shock" transformation in tongxiang shoes industry, become a hot topic. Shoes industry, as a matter of how to transform the traditional manufacturing? What kind of production mode and concept to adapt to the era of electricity market competition? Tongxiang city at the end of 2015, more than 10 local larger shoe companies means "made in China quality" platform in alibaba, made a collective "testing the waters".

At the start of step into electrical contractor in the field of women's shoes, many far-sighted entrepreneurs is going to up their own "brand", and design, and quality. "" China quality build platform high threshold, strict, this is reversed transmission our enterprise transformation, change of the extensive mode of production." A head of shimen shoe companies told reporters.

Bazaar fu, jia d Enid, remains on silk, fe her, jasmine... At the end of last year, more than ten shoe companies almost invariably extend the design team, registered for electrical business brand, trademark, the main "design", "quality brand". In production, the sale is more conform to the requirements of the electric dealer market at the same time, companies also tasted the profits brought by "electric shock" transition "sweet". According to statistics, in January to June, the first to participate in the more than ten "made in China quality" shimen shoes enterprises online sales channels for year-on-year growth of nearly 20%.

Success, also make more tongxiang shoes enterprises to join the "made in China quality" platform. Since January, a total of more than 40 tongxiang shoe companies in Chinese mass to alibaba platform. How to make these enterprises rapid "getting started", "recipes" for electricity industry, the rules?

The reporter understands, shek mun town shoe development management committee and the "China quality build, tongxiang association of footwear industry consortium" organization twice a month more than training or electric communication meeting. Through training, communication, the enterprise to share their views and ideas, and actively promote the industry more standardized.

On May 31, "China quality build, tongxiang association of footwear industry consortium" invite tongxiang send price reform bureau inspection section staff into the tongxiang footwear industry base, tongxiang electricity on women's shoes for the network transaction price behavior legal affairs related to knowledge training lectures, popularize knowledge of relevant laws.

"I didn't think the Internet electric business platform products pricing problems there are so many complaints, we do not attach importance to this problem in the past, it is worth noting that." Tongxiang city to attend training seminars and a women's shoes, said an official with the industry in the future must strengthen to the legal affairs, network transaction price behavior rules of cognition, establish and perfect the internal price management mechanism and error correction mechanism, strengthen the prior review of price promotion plan, strive to do the "law-abiding, honest business" excellent enterprise electricity companies.

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