3 d printing technology to change traditional footwear, gradually toward commercialization

As NIKE announced with HP form a new partnership, deepening cooperation in 3 d printing business, 3 d printing in helping shoe brand makes the competitive advantage of the potential once again attracted industry attention. Investigate its 3 d printing in the shoe industry play space include: speed up the product line optimization iterations, bring footwear personality customization platform field, integrated mobile health technology.

So, this is a competitive industry brand market spread, it will help from 3 d printing new tricks, and the current 3 d science valley with biooner a review of 3 d printing to those things.

The commercialisation

Nike: a period of time in the past, Nike began to advocate in order to improve the supporting and joint degree "leg warmers type" design. The appearance of pioneer and indeed more excellent performance, attracted a lot of buyers for Nike. To support and joint degree designed for the demands of leg warmers, this is the 3 d printing technology exert the potential of the field.

As Nike announced that the cooperation with HP, Nike will use 3 d printing solutions provided by HP, speed up its using 3 d printing technology of mass production of sports equipment. May soon, we buy Nike shoes in the shop, in imperceptible in, we will purchase the products containing 3 d printing.

New Balance: 3 d printing shoes market currently, consumers take out thousands of dollars to buy a pair of shoes to, I'm afraid of nylon material is not very likely. However, 3 d printing for your running shoes market bottom in manufacturing have indeed towards commercialization, and have the potential to change the game rules.

Design accord with human body mechanics in the bottom of shoes, you also need to study the human body on the floor to jumped sole pressure and the pressure difference between in where? The body's feet are in constant motion, including how to sole pressure change? Whether the stress concentration of the sole parts increase the density of the sole organization can achieve the ideal pressure buffer effect? From the Massachusetts institute of technology graduates of Nervous Systems, a company by studying a large amount of data to generate algorithm software, to help the New Balance for clients realize the unique, fully customized shoes, not only suitable for foot type and also conforms to the master sports shoes.

New the Balance of 3 d printing shoes have foreign sales, the shoe bottom used in 3 d printing is SLS selective laser sintering technology.

Integrated mobile health

SOLS called Adaptiv 3 d printing shoes is customized and can have a variety of materials selection, in 3 d printing shoes body into the motion sensor, the ankle area is fitted with 3 d printing silicone balloon, it can monitor the wearer's movements, and accordingly change the pressure distribution inside the shoes, to support the foot, ankle and other parts, also can be inflated and deflated to change their support.

More impressive is that the shoes have installed the colour sensor camera and LED lights, can change different colors according to the wearer's clothes. As for the athletes, these shoes can through its excellent adaptability to help them better physical activity, and improve performance. The use of EOS increased material manufacturing equipment.

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