Nike, adi factory store opened How to deal with domestic sports brand

The world's leading brand of sports brand Nike and adidas factory stores officially settled in fuzhou north AnXin jin yuan outlet, century plaza, fuzhou will formally entered the factory store age.

Factory store, as a new sales model, rise in the west in the 1970 s, the sales model, direct from the factory to the consumer. Abandoned the classification among wholesalers, such as sizing agent inseparable links, so that consumers buy up more convenient, also don't have to pay for the intermediate links.

Nike and adidas as the leading brand in sports brand, few factory store opening plan in mainland China, and the location is a tall order.

Adidas factory outlets

It is understood that the Nike factory covers an area of 674 ㎡, on more than 20000; Adidas boutique discount stores (factory) covers an area of 530 ㎡, on more than 10000; The main two stores sales discount in 5 to 7 fold, at the same time there are original new and critical price around 2 fold, range is very wide; Layout, is USES "warehouse supermarket" and "brand shop" mode, open shelves, let consumer choose and buy goods.

Adidas factory stores live inside

Nike factory outlets

Seeing this, and for domestic high-end brand pinched the 1, will be more intense competition in the future??

For consumers, however, it is also a great blessing, you can use less money to sell their favorite brand!

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