Using the concept of bra design sneakers? Counter attack for the second largest us

The bra is a very magical thing, the right bra can play the role of protection, improve the appearance.

Bra behind the same concept also began to be used on the shoes. Man's sport brand in the United States in science and technology company, hypoallergenic developed a called "Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped" running shoes, combined with similar breathable fabrics and shapes and sports bras.

Hypoallergenic in 2013 launched a Speedform, however this will be in July 1 sale of the latest version, there is a super sensitive sensors, it can in the case of don't need a mobile phone, real-time tracking of your running.

Brand innovation, said Kevin haley, once they visit sports bra manufacturers in China, came up with the idea.

Speedform this series shoes, the purpose is to make the shoes as closely as possible to that of the user.

Ordinary shoes need 50 to 60 piece of fabric stitch together, while Speedform only need about 12 pieces.

The upper part is seamless, thus eliminated the heel of the friction.

Speedform shoes weight is less than 6 ounces (170 grams).

The latest version of the coolest Speedform dazzle that its internal sensors. Most the shoes of the embedded sensors will tell you at the end of your running through the app running distance and speed, but the Speedform sensors in real-time tracking for you.

Is different from using GPS to track running, this sensor USES the six axis accelerometer, the tracking data is more accurate. Every time when your feet touch the ground, the sensor will know.

We can store this sensor and built-in memory, 5 times the length of the marathon running data of the sensor is not to need to charge the oh, it's life and life is the same as the shoes. So, next time won't have to bring the heavy phones, records the running data.

Shoes feel particularly soft. Dressed in a variety of comfortable.

Apply the design concept of the bra to the trainers, is also a surprise. But think about it, and that kind of sense, what do you think?

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