• Outstanding characteristics / LB-938 toe lasting machine

  • Update 1: rapid replacement of tensioner
  • Update 2: rapid replacement claws
  • Update 3: the knife quick replacement
  • Update 4: support two rise velocity
  • Upgrade 5: upper tension automatic adjustment
  • Update 6: operation box and table function
  • Update 7: the knife stroke and timing mechanism of rapid adjustment
  • Specifications/Speacifications

  • Mechanical Dimensions 1650×1050×1950mm
  • Packing size 1770×1150×2170mm
  • Yield 1500双(Pairs) / 8 Hr
  • Net weight 870 Kgs
  • Gross weight Machine gross weight provided by the company
  • Electrothermal 400W
  • The use of pressure 50kg / cm2
  • Hydraulic oil 100 liters
  • Specifications/Speacifications

  • Mechanical Dimensions 1600×950×1950mm
  • Packing size 1770×1050×2170mm
  • Yield 2000双(Pairs) / 8 Hr
  • Net weight 850kgs
  • Gross weight Machine gross weight provided by the company
  • Electrothermal 400W
  • The use of pressure 50kg / cm2
  • Hydraulic oil 100 liters
  • Outstanding characteristics / LB-936 toe lasting machine

  • Update 1: Optional automatic glue system
  • Update 2: Claw plate before and after a quick adjustment
  • Update 3: Speed, fast pressure adjustment
  • Update 4: Rapid replacement of tensioner
  • Update 5: The knife quick replacement
  • Update 6: Fast adjustment
  • Update 7: Rapid replacement claws
  • Outstanding characteristics / LB-737A automatic hydraulic toe lasting machine

  • Update 1: The knife is versatile tensioner and special track, to ensure lasting, vamp uniform tie tight shoe, absolutely not hair angle, improve appearance, improve the quality of.
  • Update 2: The wipers have movement and speed adjustment function, to help control adjustment homework more convenient.
  • Update 3: Claws for fast disassembly structure, can be completed in 30 seconds outfit.
  • Update 4: Claw toe shape can be made about 15 degrees yaw adjustment.
  • Update 5: the rise height, by external remote adjustment, and digital indication for reference, make the operation more convenient.
  • Update 6: Claw plate size quick adjusting structure: fixed plate adopts the double track structure, about the separate displacement adjustment. The rotating origin is not limited by space, set in the connection claw and claw at two, will change, can make the vamp in clamping it fit, to ensure lasting quality.
  • Update 7: After the latest design of internal and external support adjusting mechanism, can according to the different sizes of shoes, rapid adjustment of the support and the relative position of the claws.
  • Specifications/Speacifications

  • Mechanical Dimensions 1600×1100×2010mm
  • Packing size 1860×1160×2300mm
  • Yield 1800~2000 Pairs/8hrs
  • Net weight 1300Kgs
  • Gross weight Machine gross weight provided by the company
  • Electrothermal 400W
  • The use of pressure 50kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic oil 115 liters

High performance models of the LB-939 machine toe lasting machine


15 functional upgrading

Without tools

Fast and efficient

  • PLC computer precision control
  • Quick change claws
  • Sweeping knife quick replacement
  • Large seat electric rapid adjustment
  • New upgraded claw disc traverse
  • Claw plate position can be adjusted freely
  • Two jaw shoe type transformation
  • Speed, pressure of rapid adjustment
  • Support two segment rising velocity
  • Operation box profit table function
  • Gravimeter positioning
  • Waist connecting node help function
  • Rapid replacement of tensioner
  • Upper tension automatic adjustment
  • Can choose automatic glue

Product application

"LANBOWANG" brand series of products of shoes machine equipment which are developed and manufactured by Dongguan City Hangzhan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in houjie town of Dongguan City the famous manufacturing city in the world, “L..